1/2"  &  3/4"   MID FLOW Filter & Regulator Combination w/ free gauge
Comes Complete with metal wall mount/bracket also included.
 Regulates pressure from 7 - 145 psi w/ a max input pressure of 225psi . Regulator is equipped with an adjustable turn knob. Simply lift the knob to adjust the pressure, then press down to lock into place to set your desired pressure. 5 Micron Filter is attached to remove any liquid or debris in the air system. Equipped with a 2.7oz metal bowl w/ Automatic float drain. Filter must be installed upright w/ drain pointed down  -  11.25" Height x 3.25" Square
 1/4" gauge port located in front. Gauge included  -  142 CFM Flow Rate  -  5 Micron filter element included
Drain Capacity 80ml   -   Oil Capacity 150ml

Replacement Filter Elements for this Unit
Filter REgulator Combo w/ gauge