Compressed air in line filter &
 desiccant air dryer combination 
​Compressed air dryers reduce the quantity of water vapor, liquid water, hydrocarbon, and hydrocarbon vapor in compressed air. Moisture in compressed air is harmful. Water damages a compressed air system several ways. The result is lower productivity, increased maintenance, and higher operating costs. You can minimize the damage wet compressed air can inflict on your system by drying it. 
Coalescing Filter  oil vapors, which can get past standard filters - Desiccant beads change from Blue to Pink when they need to be changed or reactivated - Red Service indicator will rise when filter needs to be changed - Clear bowl with metal guards provides easy viewing for contents as well as providing impact protection 
It is recommended to install a standard Air Filter/ Water seperator in front of the air cleaner/dryer to remove larger debris

Desiccant Air Dryer w/ 2 bags of desiccant
1 Bag  Replacement Desiccant Beads